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Fye started Dragon Boat Paddling in 2007. In the time since, she’s attended five world championships as both a paddler and a drummer. She’s won a total of 5 gold, 14 silver and 4 bronze medals over that time with 5 gold and 4 silver from the world championships in Szeged, Hungary making her the highest medaled participant that year. These added to a plethora of State and Nationals Medals.

Mid 2016 she was diagnosed with inoperable Pancreatic Cancer and the treatments started soon after. Chemo and Radiation therapies in the beginning, no hair, a gap in between, then a very severe chemo called Folfox which was worse than the cancer itself. Through all this she stayed positive and made the 2017 National Australian Team (Auroras), winning 3 silver and 2 bronze

medals in China.


Dragon Boat Racing has been a Chinese cultural institution for more than 2,000 years, and it's now an international sport. One of the most anticipated events of Sydney's Chinese New Year Festival, these 12 metre dragon-headed vessels race to the beat of a drum, and you can watch the exhilarating spectacle up close at Cockle Bay wharf in Darling Harbour.


Even though it has come at a cost to her health, Fye remains committed to getting the awareness for Pancreatic Cancer out to the general public.  


Pancreatic Cancer is the poor cousin to all the celebrity ones; breast, prostate, skin – but it kills more easily as symptoms are not often detectable until the cancer has spread.


Fye’s aim is to raise the awareness of pancreatic cancer and to do this she is entering a dragon boat team in the 2018 Chinese New Year Dragon Boat  Corporate Team Event.


This race is on Sunday 25th February at Darling Harbour.


We need to raise funds for Fye's team entry fees and uniforms. The campaign also intends to raise funds to contribute towards building further awareness of Pancreatic Cancer as well as supporting research advancing treatments.


Every little bit helps. 



The races will be held on Sunday 25th of February at Darling Harbour for Chinese New Year, 2018.


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